Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new look for my blog

Hey, people!
A new look for my blog.
I had changed my grumpy toast blogskin into a sweet and cute one.
All of this, I need to thank to Yun chee who helped me on it, thank you girl!
She is totally brilliant, she help me to choose, change and decorate my blog. I am truly appreciating it.
It is damn cute and I love the blogskin so much. Thank you!
Besides that, I also had created a new cbox in the tagboard,
This new cbox was totally a sweet one, (purple + pink + white) I love it so much!
May you guy leave comment to me. Thank!
Did you guy heard some song?
Yup! This also had done by yun chee, the brilliant girl.
I love the piano song; it is canon in d… (Something likes that)
Love it! Love it!

Thank you! Brilliant and pretty girl...
(she asked me to post the picture of her)

PS: Yun Chee, I will treat you eat your favourite burger. Meet someday ok?

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