Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plan mess up =8

My plan had been ruined by some stupid stuff AGAIN!!
I am going crazy soon….watch out people!!
I just don’t get it,
Whenever I had planned for the day, there will be something disrupts it…
Kinda crazy for that…

My plan for tomorrow was…
9am-going to school to pass up my insurance policy to STAD.
10am- go back to my sweet home and sleep for a while.
11am-wake up and have my breakfast.
11.30am- do my things until 6pm and take a nap for my night class.


I am going to interview TM.NET Company instead of passing up my insurance policy to STAD and this means all my plan will be gone by the wind. Kind of sad about it…
This is simply because the interview session had a clash with my time and I need to arranged the time with my mom again, kinda annoying.

However, this is my fault too; I had forgotten the interview stuff for tomorrow, kinda blur for today.

*sigh again*
I need to prepare for tomorrow now…argh!!
People, Chow!!
Have a nice day =)

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