Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fruit =P

I went Chia Shin’s house just now to get back my document from her. After I had got my document, we sat down and start to chit-chat or gossip (whatever you like to call it). While we are chit-chatting, Chia Shin’s mom suddenly came out and have a look at me, I was like hi~~aunty……this is rather scary, because it is very weird to see friend’s parents looking at me, or I should said I am not good in approaching others especially elderly. However, Chia Shin’s mom was a soft-spoken mom ever, she speak softly with us. Besides that, she is a very kind person, she had given me a packet of fruit (I don’t know what is the name of it, sorry). The fruit was so sweet, thank you

This is what Chia Shin's mom had given to me, thank you aunty~
It look so sweet right? RED in colour~ Sweet Sweet~~
(Those fruit are planted by her dad anyway)

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