Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jun Jie~~

Happy birthday to my lovely cousin, Jun Jie~

Last Saturday, we celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Puchong though today is his birthday. To celebrate his birthday, we went a restaurant which located at Puchong. The environment of the restaurant was good and the food serve was mouth-watering. Rather satisfied with the food. Before the food arrived, as usual, I were captured a lot of photo for my pinky blog. Besides that, my bro also brought his DSLR camera to capture every moment of us. As a result, flashy light all over our table and we were posing and posing. My cousin was so cute, whenever I took out my phone, he will stand by and posing in front of the camera. Super cute! Love him so much!! =)
Bei Jing Roasted duck, vegetable (I had forgotten the name of this dish), duck with Tao Ge and cabbage. Woo~ These dishes are soooooooo yummy.Tofu, vegetable, chicken and fish!!
Yummy yummy...
Hope to go there another time~
This reataurant serve many delicious food......
Bro was busying seeing photo with his DSLR camera, I like this camera so much. However, this is too big for me! *sigh* Capturing photo with my bro..
Hey bro, concentrate a bit la, don't play play...*evil laugh*
Don't shy shy, YiYi, take photo with me!! Next time must camwhore with me ok? promise ya! She and her family was the 3-anti camera family. While I am capturing photo, they were skip or run away, rather weird right?
Birthday boy and his brother. They look alike with the BLUR look, this is so cute..Love them so much!!
After finished our dinner, uncle went to the Berry bakery to buy a cake for my cousin. He was smart, when my uncle (his dad) asked him to choose a cake; he chooses a BIG cake for himself, cute right? We went back later on, and the birthday party started!! We were busy taking out the cake, light up the candle and blow balloon for the birthday boy. After lighting up those candles, we were ready to sing the birthday song, but who knows, Jun Jie had already blow up the fire, so funny. Thus we light up the candle again and continue sing our birthday song. Finished all the song, it is the time for Jun Jie to distribute the cake to us, pity boy. But thank you anyway =P.

This is the cake, yummy..I like the chocolate onto of the cream, that was really good..Happy birthday to Ho Choon Kiat!! Love Love~~

SEE~ He really like to pose in front of the camera right? He is sooooo cute!! This time he pose without smilling, why? I think he is too excited for his birthday cake.

One family cutting the cake, woo~ so sweet.....

Mommy is blowing the balloon for the birthday boy, he really like balloon a lot. Whenever we pass through some balloon stall, he will stare at the balloon, cute!With birthday boy and bro, look like one family right? *evil laugh*

With bro! Now he is serious...*evil laugh*

The birthday celebration end about 10.30pm, it is the time for us to go back Subang. Before going back to Subang, again! Jun Jie needs to say good bye and friend kiss to everybody including me. Therefore, I required for a big kiss from him, and he gave me, cute! For a return, I kiss him, but due to some misunderstanding, Jun Jie turns his head and kisses me. OMG! He kisses my lip! No kidding. His very first kiss had given to me and his mom was shock. I am totally so sorry to Jun Jie, maybe when you grown up, you will regret. *evil laugh*

PS: Happy valentine to all the couple....
*. .★/\︽﹨︽﹨︽☆︽\.☆
☆. /情 \︽﹨︽﹨︽★︽\°
 ☆ │人 ║﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌│.▲
★  │節快║ 田 ╭┬╮田│◢█◣
 @ │ 樂║   │││ ◢███◣
 ║╓╥╥╥☆● ● ╥★╥╥╥╥▊╖
╔╩╬╬╬╬ _/█\_/█\_╔╩╬╬╬╬╬╬
╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮ ╭╧╮╭╮☆
║祝│║七│║夕│║情│║人│ ║節│ ╰快╮
╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛ ╘∞╛ ☆╰樂

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