Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Tang Yuan"


“Tang Yuan”, my favorite Chinese dessert, I love “Tang Yuan” very much because it is very chewy and delicious. Therefore, aunt brought this dessert to me today, I am so happy, thank aunt, I love you! “Tang Yuan” can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. (As you guy know before) however, aunt had cooked a bowl of big and filled “Tang Yuan” for me today, hurray! It is so delicious….sincere talk! Those “Tang Yuan” was filled with red bean and the soup was sweet and spicy (because of the ginger), it is a great combination. *Thumb up*

By the way, this dessert is traditionally eaten during Yuan Xiao or the Lantern Festival (I Google up the name). However, today was not Yuan Xiao; it is rather weird to eat that dessert today right? *evil laugh* But who cares? I love it, I eat it! That the way to enjoy life right? *evil laugh*

PS: Today I saw many nice wallpaper from, you guys can visit it if you like it. SEE! How cute it is....

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