Friday, August 21, 2009

The last paper..

Today is our last paper for midterm exam, hurray! Our last paper was microeconomics which is quite easy. Before exam, Chia Shin and I went “under the tree” (a place at MMU) to study, we were very tension and stressful (because we do not know which part of the chapter will come out), this subject really killing me man. Besides that, this is the first time I didn’t chit-chat with her while studying, rather tension har. We were very silence and nobody was talking around us too. Truly tension everyone.

But at last, the question was quite satisfied by us. None of the question was way too tough, thank lecturer.

While studying, as usual I would not miss any chances of capturing pretty photo of Chia Shin. (She will scold me if she know it) sowee, Chia Shin~~

Is she sleeping or memorizing??
Hey girl, don't sleep, wake up girl.....
Wake up!~ *no voice*
(She is memorizing~~)

PS: Tomorrow, I am going for girl gathering with friends...happy~~ left 10 hours, can't wait for it now! AND Happy 19th birthday to Wang...18

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