Friday, August 7, 2009

Out going with MASK!!

About 8pm my friend came to my house and borrowed my accounting text book, after we had teased enough, we headed to Jane’s house which is near my house.

At her house, we continue our topic and joke around. In a sudden, my friend asked us whether we want to accompany him to Mahkota or not. As a "sampat" buddy, we surely follow! We prepare ourselves and headed to Mahkota, hurray! (However, it is just 10minutes) When we reached there, we took out our precious MASK and use it!! Surprisingly, nobody was afraid of us, it is damn boring, and our plan was spoil. Rather sad! But anyway, we had a fun time wearing that MASK. *evil laugh*

Before going back, we had camwhored at Mahkota back door. This is really fun! We keep on playing “hide and seak” with the people around Mahkota. Rather funny.

Three Ninja Turtle,
We look like nurse and Ninja turtle...*laughing*

Before going back home, we headed to Jennifer’s house. We were talking, teasing and gossiping in her house, so funny. Moreover, they taught me a lot of gossip skill.*laughing* Thank buddy!!

After going her house, we went 7-eleven to buy ice-cream, a brand new ice-cream. It is rather sweet than sour, however the cream was nice. Besides that, we went Han Siong’s house and chit-chat again…

The brand new Ice-cream, red bean and mango ice-cream. For sincere talk, both of them are yuck! To compare it, I think my mango is better. Trust me!! *evil laugh*
I tell you, the cream was nice...seriously....

Later on, we went to take the burger that they had bought, it is rather yummy. (Because the aroma was way too nice)

After taking the burger, it is time for us to go home…..
Have nice and fun day today.
Today is the first time I am wearing mask to shop. Rather fun.

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