Monday, August 10, 2009

Rest for a moment.... blogging3

School reopens on today;

One week holiday had just gone by the wind, which was pretty sad! This is because a bunch of assignment waiting for me to settle and Principle of Marketing’s mid-term exam is waving and yelling at me!! I am pretty scare actually. How am I going to do all this stuff within a week? OMG!! I am going to Kisiao (crazy) now.

Why one week had passed so fast? I never do anything (besides some marketing assignment) since the first day of holiday, pretty lazy har! I am totally regretted anyway. I need to study, study and study this few days,17 I promised! Because the mid-term exam is around the corner, I need to give up every single drama series and computer game, rather sad! However, it is a good thing for me also, because I won’t play and watch television all day long. Pretty good, right?

Oh yeah!
We wore mask at school today, rather hot! But for our own health, I think it is better for us to wear a mask than without it. It is to prevent us from getting H1N1. Our school has 5 people had been quarantine because of H1N1 (however, this is just rumours around our school). Therefore, I am very scared of that, so I wore mask half a day. *evil laugh* besides us, my lecturer also wore that when we had lecture. *laughing* so we are not weird!!
swine flu mask (I saw this on google, quite curious on those masks..) It is so cute....

I hate the school holidays, I hate that! This is because when those holidays ended, many H1N1 cases had appeared and it is pretty serious in Malaysia. I hate that! I am curious about those people who had gone for oversea on those holidays, why they are so stupid? Went holiday at H1N1 season? Rather stupid! Do they know that, oversea is more serious than our safety Malaysia? Why they went there? It is rather weird! They make our safety Malaysia become a serious country, I hate those people!! *haiz* I think we need to accept the fact that Malaysia is influence by H1N1 and Melaka is the most serious city *sob*. As a result, wear mask people!! It is to protect us from getting H1N1…..

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