Sunday, August 2, 2009

Girl out Night!

Yesterday was Friday guys!! This mean it is the starting of our school holidays, I am super happy. We have one week holidays for now on, totally happy. The first plan to enjoy my holidays is go for bowling game which located at MITC, this is a new Bowplex anyway. About 7pm, we headed to MITC bowplex, but sadly the Bowplex was closed due to the open ceremony for this centre. This really freaking me out!

BOWPLEX, I will be back someday.
Wait for me!
I really hope to play bowling at this bowplex...
So to continue our girl out night, we went to Molly for our girl talk. There was a great place for girl to crap around, but after the band came, there is no longer a great place anymore. It is rather annoying than enjoying. We even need to talk to each other with a high pitch; this made us hard to communicate. Annoying!! Annoying!!

3 primary colour, *evil laugh*
Have some stupid pictures..

Ring~ Ring~ Ring~
Guess what?
One of our friends had called us, and asked us where we are, they are coming to meet us. Therefore we told us that we at Molly which they heard as Bowling. After half an hour, we had received a phone call from that friend, and he had actually told us that the bowling centre was closed, where we are? We were so shocked when he said he went to BOWPLEX, what a funny mistake. This really funny! But we can’t blame him; these two words really will confuse some of us. Try to pronounced it if you can.

This is our photo session. We had captured a lot of photo with each other. Besides that, we even try to capture the four of us in the picture. But sadly, FAIL!! So we try and try, finally our camwhore queen, Vicky had successfully captured us in the photo. Vicky, can I call you sifu (master)? She really good in camwhoring, whatever she had camwhored was so beautiful, make me became a leng lui(pretty girl), *evil laugh*

This is what Vicky had camwhored, rather pretty right?
I love this so much. However my lousy handphone camera had spoiled all the thing, make this photo so blur, rather sad!

PS: Our girl out night 2 had gone with the wind, quite sad. This is because the Go-Go KTV was fully booked! Haiz. What to do? We are way too late. However, today have a great badminton game with jennifer and the rest. Thus, this consider happy.

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