Friday, December 4, 2009

Wing's cafe!

Well, I’m going to postpone the bowling match update, because I haven’t got any photo from friend, so I will continue my post in another day. Sorry!

Okay, since there is a cancellation of my bowling match post, I will post about the gathering of four girls.

A sudden called from Miki around 8.30pm and asking me whether I’m free to go out or not. For a friend like me, I definitely accept the invitation. (Ignore me!)

Thus, we went WING’s café to have some tea (yam cha), the place was full of Christmas decoration, and even the door was fully decorated. It was plain two week ago, no Christmas feeling, no decoration (yet they have 2 Christmas trees two weeks ago) and even no Christmas hat for those workers. I’m in love the decoration; it is so beautiful and nice.

Four girls are capturing photo with the Christmas tree! Nice caption.The drink was so beautiful, and they have beautiful name too.
Long vacation, peach bubble tea, (forget the name of miki's and shinyi's drink name)

Posing with our drinks. Nice shot!
While chit-chatting, Miki felt hungry, and she had ordered some FOOD!!
That's right!! FOOD!

Sea food hot dog

This is so yum! LOVE IT! *wee*

Since there is a Christmas theme for the café, so there is some Christmas wishes. Whatever wishes can be written in a Christmas tree paper, this is so cute. I choose the red Christmas tree, nicer! *wink*









I hope I will have a good result in this coming exam and wish everyone happy always! *wee*

The Star Christmas tree. Cute?
Our wishes.
Yunchee's had wished that KFC will have drive thru!!
What a funny wishes she has. WAHAHAHA....

Me and the Christmas tree wish paper.

Me and wish. *peace*

The Christmas tree with me! I love this so much..

We went back home at 11.30pm, and my last wish for today is..............



Hope we will gather again the next time! Promise ok?

PS: I'm so freaking out of somebody who spoiled today meeting! WHY CAN'T YOU LISTEN TO US?? RESPECT?? WTH!! YOU DIDN'T DO THAT TO US, WHY SHOULD WE RESPECT YOU, DUDE!! SHUT YOUR MOUTH BETTER! STOP CRAPING NONSENSE. (Ignore this line. *blek*)

That's all I want to say..

Ciao people!!!

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