Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas gathering with family.

Christmas gathering was held at my house yesterday and my relatives had come back from KL to celebrate Christmas and Uncle’s birthday. This year was the best Christmas ever, have chance to gather together. However, my little cousins didn’t manage to come back because the little Jun Jie had fall a sick, hope he will get well soon.

We have steamboat again, this is kind of like our family tradition, rather boring. I need some change, mom! Don’t always cook steamboat, I wan BBQ. Hope there is some changes next time.

Okay, back to the topic.
Everyone was having steamboat at my house, yeah! It’s been so long my house didn’t have any gathering, I love to do gathering at my house, because I can online whenever they are eating. What a good idea right? *laughing*

The very first time we are having carrot as our steamboat ingredient. This is my mom’s idea simply because it will make it more colorful. Japanese sea weed. Yum yum!
The food as usual.

After a few minutes of waiting, the food finally cooked. We had waited so long loh, mom has used the wrong pot for it. *speechless* ==lll
See!! How colorful is this. Good idea, mom! *wink*
My bowl of food. Good caption.

The moment we finished up the food, we have the celebration of my uncle or mom’s Dai Lou’s birthday. The celebration was quite fun and funny. However, most of them were like so scare of the camera, whenever we were asking for some photo caption, they all will run away or say no to us. Pretty up sad!
The cake full of candles. Happy birthday uncle.
Group photo with uncle.

Uncle was blowing and cutting his birthday cake happily.

End of Christmas.

The day after Christmas began!!
We went Sakura house to have brunch. My uncle was shock when came to the bills. You know why?
Simply because the food there was super duper CHEAP!!!
Before the food arrived.

I love the Egg sushi.
Cold Mee. I love this also.
After the food arrived.
Woo~ we ordered a lot of food for today and yet the price was so cheap!
Cheer together!!
With my uncle.
End of my day.
PS: I had tried the ginger biscuit, the taste was quite good. Nice!
The boy ginger biscuit. Cute??
Ciao! people!

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