Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A happy ending *wink*

Yesterday was so damn exhausted, simply because we need to pass up the assignment on Wednesday, that means TODAY, people! I’m totally no strength yesterday as no solution was being solved. I’m dead yesterday and alive after that. *wee*

Now I’m alive as I said, because we had passed up the assignment. And this had reminded me something. That right! My Business management which I did 10 month ago; we are struggling for the solution as what we did yesterday. Pretty similar. I’m proud of us; we did a good job anyway. The logo, website, market research, competitive analysis, the business plan as well as the financial report was well done.

I am glad that we had a good leader. Tee is a good leader as compare to the previous one. You get what I mean now?

He done everything, I mean most of the business plan was done by him (and the members of coz) and he also accompanies us at the ixora study area. If he is irresponsible one, he would not accompany as the financial plan was not his part, but he did. Thank a lot Mr. Tee. You are the greatest leader!

Besides the leader, we also have a bunch of good members excluded someone. They are very good in doing project. I madly love the website and logo done by winna, so beautiful. How does she do it? Teach me please!

I beg you! *wee*
The Crazy Four of us. Top to bottom. Jennifer, Me, Shinyi and Tee- Drew by me and corrected by Jennifer
Besides helping us for the financial report, Tee also treat us some snack. Thank a lot *wink*

After a couple of time, our tummy had grumbled and it’s time for us to have our dinner. Dinner time is at 9.45pm, so now can you imagine how struggle we are??

We had Ramly Burger for our dinner. This is freaking pity.

The Special Ramly Burger.

Later that, we continue our job until 11pm, and went back home without solution. Freaking out of this kind of situation. Hate it so much.

However, we had a happy ending. That great!

PS: I'm going to have debate on monday. God bless me!!

Ciao people!

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