Friday, December 4, 2009

LOVE Bowling!

Yesterday was the celebration of our cyber P assignment. So, where we are going to celebrate???

Yeah!! Bowling as I mentioned yesterday. Ngek ngek~

We went bowling about 2pm simply due to my class end at 2pm. I’m sorry guys, waited me for so long. *shy*

When my class ended, I quickly meet them at Ixora and headed to MITC Bowplex as I reach. *wee*

When reached bowplex, we was like WAH THIS IS SO HIGH CLASS! The bowplex had become the international one, so every international game will be held in this Bowplex. COOL! Love…

What we will do while waiting for Tee to pay money??

Snapping all sort of photo and craping around of course.

After the payment, it's time for us to start the game. I'm going to play Bowling right now. *evil laugh*

We had chosen all sort of ball size. However, most of them was size 6. =.=lll
I used to no.8 anyway. I'm strong!! *blek*
Okay! stop craping there, let's start game!
1st match-Tee and zi yan (if not mistaken, sorry if I said wrongly)
2nd match-Shinyi and Winna. 3rd-ME and Ivy!!! *wee*
I'm so noob, never get high for the 2nd and 3rd match. So sad!
But never mind, I will be strong next time. WAHAHAHA
What's Tee doing? Laughing at winna??? Scold him winna. WAKAKA
What girls often do when they are free??

Capturing photo of course. We are the girls!! Why I'm no in the photo? Maybe I'm busy playing bowling. *evil laugh*
Me and Ellyn before playing the game. Nice girl!
Me and shinyi after game
Me and Jennifer after game. *blek*

Me and Winna when we are free from game. She is so cute loh, I look so ugly when captured photo with her.Tee, Jennifer, Ellyn and ME (Did you see me?? I'm way to behind anyway. =P)
The RESULT of the game!!
Focus on the Fifth match, ignore the rest. Pretty good huh!! LOVE THIS PART THE MOST!
The last game of the day. Result is out!!
One pro and one good gamer, and two noob!!
I'm the noob, so sad!! Need to improved the next game.
I would like to show you guys the effort of Winna. Our cyber P assignment -Rebellous wonderland 's Logo and Website!!

The Logo

The website!!

NICE right?? I LOVE IT SO MUCH LA.....

PS: Have a splendid day with the BEN members. BEN members, you guys are so good and fun!! ROCK!!!

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