Friday, December 25, 2009

Birthday celebration at Dreambox! >.<

I’m here to update my birthday party at Dreambox as I promised yesterday.
On the 10 of December, a bunch of good friends celebrated me and Sheng Yi birthday at Dreambox and this is the first time I celebrated my birthday at Karaoke place. Well, the place was quite cold and the food was not in good “condition”.

However, the place was my favorite ever, as you know, I’m a crazy singing lover. I love sing karaoke with friends, especially those who was very crazy when come to everything.

We are late for joining them actually, almost 9pm to reach the place. However, we have our own reason, simply because no parking is available for us. This is rather good excuse right?

When we were there, Sheng Yi was welcome us with her open arm, she had waited for so long, I’m sorry, we have no parking place. Excuse again! =__=

Sheng Yi with her special card from me, Shi Ting, Jennifer and HK. Do you like it? I hope you do so. *evil laugh*

Guess What???A card full of One riggit note. This is what our creative Queen-Shi Ting think of it. Pretty creative right? You may try it to your friend too. WAHAHA.

The food there was suck. I extremely dislike their food. Not in good "condition" .

This is our Xuan's X'mas Guest- Jia wei was singing the song. You will know why I'm calling him The Xuan X'mas after my next post.
Group photo.

About 1am, our birthday party started!
Dream box has free us a bottle of Champagne and a half KG of cake for our birthday. Thank Dream box.
Due to my laziness, I would like to let my photo do the story.
Celebration started! Yahoo~
While waiting for Sheng Yi to make wishes. I am thinking of what wishes should I make.
1- wish everyone has a good result in this coming final, and those who taking STPM. (good right?)
2-wish everyone healthy always.
3- (I should keep it to myself. *shhhh*)
Birthday cake from Nadeje. Happy birthday to Donkey(?) and Me!!

The cake that Dreambix free us. Bananas chocolate cake. Thank Dreambox.
After the open ceremony of our birthday, we have Champagne "yang sheng".
What jennifer is doing har? Trying to pour something on MK's head?

Three sampated people "yan sheng-ing".
From right to left.
Okay, I know it is difficult to see whether I'm doing 4 or 5 right? I am the 4th one!!

Everyone is so sleepy for the last photo, except....the creative queen, Xuan's X'mas Guest, Jia wei and Sheng Yi, they are hyper active that day. *laughing*

Nope! This is the last photo of THIS POST. Me and our pity bee yoke who need to go home before the celebration.

Before the celebration starts, Bee Yoke has to home. What a poor thing.

PS: I'm happy that day, and Thank alot to those who celebrated my birthday. Thank you *kiss*

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