Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new way to enjoy the delicious Tang Yuan

How you people eat the Tang Yuan every Winter Solstice festival?
I’m sure that you guy will eat it with a bowl of warm ginger or “gula Melaka” soup right?
Now, I’m going to teach you people a new way to enjoy the delicious Tang Yuan! First, you gonna prepare a plate of Peanut blended.
Then, put your fully cooked Tang Yuan on top of it.

Thirdly, mix the Tang Yuan well with the peanut blended.
Last, cut it into half and eat it.

This is what mommy had taught me. The taste was madly delicious, sweet and chewy.
You may have a try if you are interested.
Trust me! The taste was fabulous!!!
Love it~
PS: Sis cooked those Tang Yuan today. It is nicer than what mommy had cooked before. Don't spam me mommy, but it is true! *evil laugh*

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