Thursday, December 10, 2009


It’s Wednesday, people!
My last class for this semester- managerial communication, this lecturer is the best for today. It is because she gave us something that we need so much, we really NEED it! Thank lecturer and today is her last day too, she had resigned for this job and continue her PHD studies. Bon voyage!

After our class, Jennifer, Shinyi, Xinyi and I went Sakura house to have our lunch. I know it is kind of boring when I talk about Sakura House, but the food was cheap and delicious. No harm to read it right?

I'm busy eating my crab roll. LOVE >.<

We've ordered....
Dumpling fried. Nice! However, Jennifer does not like it, she said it has a kind of durian smell. Durian ?? Kind of funny right? Dumpling plus Durian?? Weird combination. This is just a normal dumpling, my dear.

Baby Octopus. My favourite. *double thumb up*

Salmon sushi.

Baby Octopus sushi. Love!

Crab roll.
The Japanese Pizza (For your information, this is not the real name. I've forgotten the name)
Our food. Madly love the food. Yum Yum

Pork fried set. I love the vegetable, nice!
Pork fried plus eggs rice. Something like this. Hong Luo Shao (Doreamon's favourite food)

Everyone is enjoying their food today, and we are so full after eating those dishes. However, it is so delicious though it is just normal food.

Shinyi said , WHEN THE FOOD COMES TO ME, EVERY FOOD IS JUST LIKE PASSING CUSTOM, coz I will keep snapping the photo of the food for sure. WAHAHA

I'm sorry, Shinyi. But I still will captured all the photo without bothering them. Kind of selfish right? =P

My crab Roll. Yum. However, I prefer California roll more than this. *wee*
My empty lunch box. I had eaten all the food, now you know how hungry I am right? *wink*

Our empty plates!! @.@

PS: Final is coming soon, I'm going to start study soon. (Hope so *wee*) and thank for the lecturer the second times. You are best for TODAY!!!

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