Sunday, December 13, 2009

Consolation prize for cyberpreneurship! Yee!

The business plan has finally come to the end. Everything was done, assignment and presentation competition were well done. We get the consolation prize for our presentation and lecturer had guaranteed that we were having an A for this subject. OMG!! This is so damn happy that I will have an A for this subject; this is good enough for me.

I didn’t expect so much actually, simply because there are many competitors in this presentation and I was just aiming for the RM50 which everyone in the TOP 10 will get it.

Okay, now show you guys some photo which we captured on today. Some are really insane, just ignore if you do not want to see it.
Yeah!! We have RM 50 for 10 persons. =.=lll
It is not enough for me anyway. *LOL*

We got consolation prize! *yeepee*
Having photo session with the money.. kinda "money face" right?
Tee and me with my "money face". I look so "money face" here, I admit, I'm "money face"!!!
Jennifer and Tee. Black and white...
Shinyi and Tee. Black and white again.

We were so happy about the prize though it is just consolation prize but somehow we are happier than those who are getting champion. This is so called teamwork. Sad together, happy together, even eat together. Wahaha
Before going back home, Jennifer and me have photo session with our Chia Shin.
I didn't captured photo with her before. I mean with formal.
She get consolation prize too. Congratulation

PS: It's been so long I didn't get any prize from a competition, I'm so happy with it. Yeah!

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