Friday, December 25, 2009

An outdated post. *wee*

Well, this might a little bit outdated post which I should update on Tuesday, but what to do. I’m way to busy for my final examination. Hope you people don’t mind ya.

Tuesday was the day to celebrate Winter Solstice, but due to our final examination, sis doesn’t join us to make the Tang Yuan.

According to my mom, when Winter Solstice came, we need to eat Tang Yuan and that’s all I know about this festival.

So Monday night, my mom and I had make tons of Tang Yuan for the next day, I mean for praying. While doing those Tang Yuan, my camera practice come again. Snap there and then for this blog. I’m not a good photograph anyway, don’t comment about my skill. WAHAHA….

The half done Tang Yuan by ME!!

After a few hours, finally we had done all of it,

White Tang Yuan.Red Tang Yuan.
I need more colourful Tang Yuan, mom! Jennifer's mom had made tons of colourful Tang Yuan for them, it is so beautiful. I hope to get one bowl of it.
I'm the chef of Tang Yuan dessert. (I'm not the one who cook this bowl of Tang Yuan anyway *evil laugh*)
Red and White Tang Yuan in "gula Melaka" and ginger soup. Rather a sour one. (I just don't know why the soup was so sour)
Photo captured while I'm eating the bowl of Tang Yuan. Yummy~ But sour =__=

PS: I'm having a great Christmas eve with friends. That was really fun and funny. I will upload the photo soon.
Good night~~

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