Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Musical play

Today is our debate day and also my friend birthday.
Happy birthday to you anyway…
Our debate for today was totally failed, because of topic and some reasons, we FAILED!
I’m feel so nothing about it, because we have a great time debating with our opposition team.
The opposition team was so funny, especially their first speaker, he likes to make funny pose and sound to attract others attention which is good for their team.

Okay, done for my debate. *wee*

(Before you start to read this post, you be remind that, no photo is provided, I’m sorry. Hope you will continue to read it. )

After the class, I went a musical play which organized by our school’s CS club. This play is all about Isaac which is a 13 years old boy who lost his mom and finding for his dad.

The show started with a great sound system, all their members in the CF club had sacrifice their time to present this musical play. This play was really funny, sad and happy. All of them were singing, dancing and playing musical instrument, especially they use all sort of dustbin, plastic box and the cover of the cooking pad. That was really cool, the sound was freaking match to each other, love it. They just like what we watch in “High school musical” and “Barbie”. Singing plus dancing plus acting. So cool! I never ever seen musical play in my life (besides movie), this is awesome!

So, as I said, it is a musical play, there must be acting. Their acting was so good, crying, and happy, touching and even the killing scenes were really splendid. I think they have trained very hard these days. We must appreciate their effort. By the way, my friend is one of the actors of the scene; he was the person who sings “you belong with me” with “sampated” lyrics. It just likes “….. He wear slipper, I wear leather….” Something likes this. I was madly laugh when I heard this lyric and feel so unbelievable to see him in this play. This is the first time I saw him so “sampated” loh. =P

Opps, =P

I’m way too far away right now, back to the story…..

The story started in the middle of December, the family live happily and Isaac is waiting to celebrate Christmas with his mom and dad. Out of a sudden his mom told Isaac that his dad is going to fight with the war and will be back in some days.

Isaac was so sad and the left of his dad, war happened! His mom dead and he is sent to an orphan house which is a “black” or bad orphan ever, they sell children as maid. When he went there, he met a lot of friends. However, he is lonely whenever those children are dancing and singing he will sit at the side and moody for the whole day. He met two friends Ashley and Peter in the orphan and tried to escape when Ashley was going to be sold by the lady boss or “baby sister”. Many things happened in the middle of the story, such as night market, jungle and they got caught by Jack and Jill – the guard after the running process. However, when they had been tied up, the HERO- Isaac’s dad came and save them. FAST FORWARD (imagine yourself)

In the end, they got together and live happily.

Their ending was just like what I had watched in “Barbie- the island princess” where by the dad sing a song and continue by the son.

The story ended nicely, I love it.

And the last last part was awesome, the introduction of the clues.

Many words to describe, it is so good. Everyone was singing and dancing and the sound system was totally wonderful. Love this musical play ever.

PS: no photo is provided in this post, coz they not allowed us to snap any photo. WTH! NO CAMEARA IS ALLOWING??? I’m so grumpy about it, because I’m happily bringing the camera there and yet they said camera is not allowed?? Really cranky me up!

PSS: I love the Jack and Jill damn much. Madly love them; they are so cute though they are the bad character. However, they are not bad actually; they are force to be BAD!! Okay?

PSSS: This play is to celebrate the coming of Christmas. 19 days to go…Christmas I’m coming.

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