Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthday gift from friends and family. Thank you!

Sorry for disappearing for so long, I think one week I didn’t update my blog.

I’m having a struggling week due to my final exam, and I think I did a BIG mistake for my Quantity Analysis exam. I’m so careless when I’m doing it. I hate myself of being so careless whenever it is in a crucial day ever. *sigh*

Okay enough for complaining Lydia! Now utilized your holiday to the MAX! Yes! To the MAX!

I’m going to enjoy this holiday to the MAX!!

Before that, I would like to share my birthday celebration and birthday gift to you people! I’m having a delightful birthday this year though it is not a big party or big gift but I’m enjoying with them. My birthday was on the 17 of Dec as you people knew it, and its fall on my exam week. WTH? I’m so unlucky to have birthday on the exam week, so sad you know? And the day was our registration course day!! WTH?? I’m super duper unlucky, and having stomachache and headache on that day too. I’m unlucky December baby ever.
However, my friends have celebrated my birthday on the 10 of Dec at Dream box, OMG! I love sing karaoke with them. Besides celebrating my birthday, they also celebrated another December baby, which is SY!! Okay, I will post more photos in the next post.

Second birthday gift was given by stingy sis; guess what? She has given a bottle of Ice Lemon Tea. WTH? A bottle of ice lemon tea is my birthday gift? She is really not sincere at all. *sob*

The third gift was the lovely Jennifer and Shi ting has given me. This is the one I love the most.
A CARD with Merry Christmas in the front page???
A card which need to repaid??
A pink bag pack??

NOPE!!! They have gave me.......
They gave me a Sony Ericson hand phone speaker!!! OMG! They are so lovely; I love this gift so much. The sound system was so good! I didn't expect I will received this present ever, but it is real!! I'm so happy! This gift has a funny story behind, and I’m not going to write about it.

Last but not least, my birthday cake from my sis. Okay! She is not stingy and very generous. She bought me a half kilo cake for my birthday. Thank ya! However, I still prefer BAG, sis!!
Besides that gift, my uncle and aunty also gave me a lot of ang pau, thank you! Love you! Thank mommy too, she had celebrated my birthday at Wok and Pan. Thank you! *wink*
Thank you to those who wish me midnight.
Shi ting, Jennifer, Chia Shin, Xin yi, Ying Kun, En Ting, Shin yi, Pei Fen, Wan Khim and so on…
And those you wish me at Facebook,
Pok, Xin yi, Yun chee, Miki, Teh, Wee Kee, Andrew, Wang!!
Thank you a lot!!
You people are so lovely. Sorry I might forget some of you who had wished me, please remind me ok?

Thank you all my lovely friends and family!!!
PS: Today is christmas eve, people!! But I still wondering where am I going to go? Any suggestion??

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