Friday, December 25, 2009

Countdown for Christmas 2009 ><

WOO! Merry Christmas to all of you who are living in The Earth.

Yesterday was 24 of December, and it is Christmas Eve. I love this festival as usual, as I mentioned before I love this festival because it is so romantic.
At first, we were decided to go Portuguese to have our Christmas Eve countdown. The entire place was full of Christmas tree, Christmas decoration and also snowy pray. The funniest is the price of the snow pray is getting lesser and lesser. From 4 for RM10 to 5 for RM10, simply because there is many competitors of that particular thing.

Decoration for Christmas. I love those deco, it is so beautiful and there were sponsered by others. Pretty good right?

Us in Portuguese settlement. Pretty fun while taking photo with them.
The BIG Christmas Tree in Portuguese settlement! I love this tree so much and finally got to take photo with it.
Why do I said so?
Simply because last year I didn't have the chance to captured with this BIG tree. Pretty sad that time, but I'm so happy right now. (I'm rather a easy going person)
5 of us with the house decoration. Finally 5 of us combine, because most of the photo was just 4 or 2 persons.

After a few walk in the Portuguese settlement, we are getting boring and craving for something new for our Christmas Eve instead of packing with people in Portuguese settlement. Thus, we end up in the Xuan’s café. (For some reason we are not going to Wing’s café) This is the first time I went Xuan’s café and it is more alike Wing’s café. Nothing special for this café!!
The decoration was special. I love this wall so much, it is full of CD and it is red in colour. They are quite creative anyway.
While capturing the environment of the place, it’s time for us to order some drink of the day.

Our beautiful drink.
Strawberry ice blended, Peach ice blended, Red Plum ice blended and also Chocolate Milk Shake.
The drink was so delicious, I'm loving it.

While waiting for the countdown, we crapped a lot at there. We were gossiping, talking, teasing around and also talking nonsense.

After a few hours there, we were getting boring and start to find something new again. (We are very active persons, so need something new to play with) However, nothing was new to us, we were so boring until our Xuan's X'mas Guest has arrived! (There is the reason behind why he had became the Xuan X'mas Guest, Jennifer has explained it)

We were arguing with him about the attend of him, teasing him and made him damn mad of it and started to yell at us loudly. It is so funny. We were laughing like hell while teasing him.

I'm sorry the Special Guest for Xuan cafe. WAHAHAHA.

About 11.59pm, our Xuan's X'mas Guest had invited to sing the Christmas song in front of the customers and he did. We were surprising about the sudden move.

The following video was what he is doing when he is invited to sing in front of the “audience”.

(The video was quite shaky, hope you people don't mind it)

After countdown, we were decided to eat “Roti Nan”. This is what a brand new thing to me, I’m going to try it.

Before headed to the Roti Nan stall, we were given a “Christmas present” from The Xuan’s X’mas Guest.

What is it??

A Chocolate from Wing's cafe. =__=
However, thank you so much to you! At least he remembered to brought us some right?

The Roti Nan Jennifer had craved for so long.

Mine *wink*
Roti Nan with Cheese. OMG!! Cheese!! I love Cheese!!
The Roti Nan was full of Cheese, it is so cheesy. I love it. However, I didn't eat finish simply because this roti is super duper BIG for us.

We were having Roti Nan for our Christmas Dinner instead of turkey.

PS: I'm having a great countdown yesterday, we were not like those in Portuguese settlement who playing snowy pray for whole day long. This year was special, but I love it.

PS: My house is going to have steamboat today. I'm waiting for it right now!!!!

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