Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outing with my lovely girlfriends!!

What I have planned for my holidays? *think seriously*

NOPE!! I have no plan at all, so I MSN Chia Shin and asked her about the outing with girlfriends. She had suggested watching movie instead of shopping around.

Okay, our first plan – watch The Treasure Hunter + shopping around (after the movie)
Second plan – watch Avatar (3D) + shopping around (after the movie too)
Third plan – we have no third plan. *shy*

Both Jennifer and I choose the second choice. Well, we won and we choose Avatar as our movie. However, there is always some obstacle when come to movie. The movie was full of people and we have no place to sit, so we end up watching that stupid The Treasure Hunter by Jay Chou and Lin Zhi Ling.

This movie was totally a disappointment to me, because no excitement when they are going into the castle. That was really boring.
The Treasure Hunter!! I don't like it. Waste my money to watch it. *sigh*
While finding for food, we played with the Christmas decoration in Dataran! This is so unique, the tree which made of water bottle. This is so called recycle!! I love it so much. What a good idea they have.

Besides the unique tree, there are also have snow ball. A very cute snow ball filled with snow man and penguin! Lovely!They use water bottle to made a flower! This is so cute.

We want to have some caption in that ball, but somehow we failed! =[

After many rounds in dataran, we failed to find food to fill up the stomach, so we went Mahkota to search for it.
The decoration there was much nicer than Dataran, but I still in love with the unique tree and decoration.

Where we will go for our lunch??
KFC? Nope!
Mc Donald? Nope!
Nandos?? Nope! (We were planned to but at last we decided to go….)

Guess what??
We went Kenny Rogers!! Yeah! I didn’t eat this for a couple of years. Miss those foods so much.

Me at Kenny Rogers restaurant.

The food we ordered!
Mine- Cheese Macoroni + Potatoes Salad+ Garden pasta salad + Quarter Chicken.

Chia shin's - Potatoes salad + Mixed vege + Potatoes with vege + Quarter chicken
Jennifer's - Quarter chicken + salad + salad + fresh fruit (I'm sorry, I forgot the side dishes name)
3 muffins is included in our meal.

It cost RM 15.90 per person (Quite cheap actually)

While waiting for the food to be serve, we met somebody, which are our lovely Vicki and Hui Kim. They both went there too, what a coincident. We have some photo with Vicki. Here we go.
Jennifer and her "darling"-Vicki with a normal pose.
Chia shin an Vicki with unnatural pose. Laugh gals!!
Me and Vicki with a hug pose! See, Jennifer! Vicki love me most!! WAHAHAHA
We have some talk with Vicki and she left right after the "sampated" talk with us. Miss you!
It's time to promote JLS production!!!
This is what I called as - JLS production!! Love *kiss*
JLS are playing with the muffins!! Our bills! The tax was way to expensive!! *sigh*
The number was quite good, if you are interested, you may buy "TOTO" or 4D!!


Me at the escalator with the decoration in Mahkota!! My face look so weird in this photo. =[

PS: I'm waiting for the next outing with the girlfriends next week - 4th of January!! Hope there is no changes for that outing. It's been postpone from October until NOW!!!

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