Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rock party with us!! =]

Let’s rock party in our Rebellious Wonderland!!

I’m so freaking happy, guess what?
We are in the top 10 for our cyber P assignment, the damn struggled assignment in this semester.
When Shinyi told me that we in the Top 10 list, I was so unbelievable, and yet send message to Jennifer and told her this madly good news.
I was jumping around and spread this news as fast as I can, imagine how happy I am.

Out of 20 (I think), we are the TOP 10!!
TOP 10, guys, no kidding…
This is so unbelievable, and I just saw the list, it is true!
We are in the top 10.

This assignment has cracked our head, split us into two, and now the hardship had paid off.
I’m madly smiling whenever I think of the TOP 10, is kinda insane, but if you get the top 10, you will also be like me right?
So TOP 10 = everything. No matter what we get in the last, we will still happily with our top 10. Top 10 really mean a lot to us, the hardship, the friendship and the time,


Saturday will be the presentation for this; we are going to try our best to get more. Hope we get top 3. (I know it sound impossible, but we will try our best!)

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