Monday, December 28, 2009

I will miss you...

I will miss you whenever I need something, I will miss you very much. You have helped me a lot, when I am not in good mood, you will let me kick you in whatever way. You also had helped me to keep my things in a proper way although I will make it my way after that. You have accompanied me for so long and yet I didn’t give you what you need. I’m sorry I didn’t care about you when you need me. You are a good partner in my life, a very good one. However, it’s time for you to retired now, you are good closet anyway. Good bye to my old closet. I will miss you so much. Bye bye!! =P

My old closet.

Last Sunday we had some shop at a furniture shop which located near my house. Mommy has bought us a bigger closet for me and my sis (more for my sis actually, because she has tons of clothes, it’s like a mountain right now)

On the day, the workers brought my big closet back, I’m so happy. However, we are going to reject that closet because there is some damage on it, pretty disappointed for me. The lady boss was really the worst lady boss ever, she seems like not interested in selling furniture for us and keeps make that stupid face to us. I think this might be the last time my mom buy thing from her, no more buying thing from that lady anymore!!!!

Thus, the workers brought back the closet to the shop and bring us a new one.
One day later, mean yesterday, my new closet coming back again. This time the closet was not in problem and it is new!! I love it so much.

Now I can put whatever clothes in my new big closet, I’m so happy.


My new closet!!! This is much more bigger than my previous one. I love it!!

Welcome to my new closet. You are also a lovely one. Welcome to my house!! *kiss*

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