Monday, October 4, 2010

September baby birthday celebration!

Well, I supposed to post this all earlier, but due to my final exam, I dragged this post for so long, sorry people!

There is three September babies’ birthday celebration last month, kinda fun to have this kind of celebration. So, the first September baby is Andrew~

We celebrated his birthday earlier coz we’re damn busy on his birthday- 7 of September.
The brothers planned to have steamboat as a reason for him to come.

Let’s photo do my writing job. (kinda lazy to write much)

Andrew, happy birthday!! WE LOVE YOU (This is the idea of the brothers)
Birthday boy!
Steamboat "gathering" started! Thank for mommy soup! Yum...
closed up, sorry to let you guys feel hungry! *evil laugh*
Everyone was damn hungry. Grab anything there have!
Thank WK for the prawn! WAHAHAHA.................
The girls including me! *wee*
Self-caption *ignore*
While waiting for some of them to come back, these people play card at my house. The funniest thing is that they dare not to play coz my mom was beside them. WAHAHA... (HEY! JUST PLAY ONLY, MY MOM WOULDN'T SCOLD OK!?)
With two of them who crazy on guitar damn much!
I'm guitarist! (yaya! I know I've post with the wrong side, I'm just pretending ok! WAHAHA...)

Use guitar to smash people, like the smashing wink in msn!
We even "showing off" to Ting. *evil laugh* Don't angry ya, Ting! Waiting you to come back!
Then we decided to sing a song to her, so that she will feel warm eventhough she at Sabah alone.
The red us! I just realise we wore the same colour T-shirt that day. *cool*
With drinking Jennifer. *evil laugh*
The GIRLS again! We girls like to capture photo so much.
Group photo with the messy table.
With "lee chong wei" (wang's pose) and the group!
We ended the celebration with sparkling juice!
Great celebration!

So, now is the second September baby birthday celebration, Shinyi! We've her birthday earlier as well due to....(I've no idea why they wanted to celebrate earlier actually)

We went Moli for small celebration with her, and I'm the late one, sorry guys and gals.We're going to give her surprise actually, but due to her cleverness, our plan always spoilt! *sigh*

So, no surprise birthday for her anymore, just tell her what we want to do! *great idea*
The Special birthday cake!
The people attended! HEY, Wong you are the only one see the camera. WAHAHA........
Singing song for the birthday girl, now Yong turn to look at the camera.

This two guys so love camera one. *laughing*
The Happy Shinyi! Happy birthday to you, love you...
Shinyi: I wish to have a boy friend... (em.. WAHAHA.......)
With Yun Chee! The always camwhore partner.
I'd chosen this as my cake, I love this since the day we celebrated my cousin birthday. Love the sourness! *wee*
I love you, cake! WAHAHA...(Ok, I laugh too much in this post! =P)
The apartment kaki, someday I should go you guys' apartment to swim! Invite me?
And The PM 1516 gang! Long time didn't gather already, when will be our next gathering? I'm waiting ya!
I miss you all so much!

PS: Waiting for the next gathering!

The third September baby is My cousin, Qi Qi.
Her birthday cake on that day!

I'll post this in another post, stay tuned people!

I wish September babies a very happy birthday and dream come true.

PS: I'm going out with Shin yi and Yun Chee later. *waiting*


  1. fuh~ camwhoring partner~! Like!!! xD

  2. hahaha......ya la..always camwhore together!