Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One whole week 18-10-2010 --- 24-10-2010

Well, it’s a one whole week post again!


Monday will mostly be classified as blue Monday by others, but not for me, I’ll classified as a Happy Monday or Pink Monday (why pink? don’t ask me, I just simply love pink)

My pink + purple nail DIY!
Then, my sis said it looks like indian, so I change to other colour.. =__=

Last Monday was the first day of our school reopen, but again not for me, coz I’ve no class on Monday, baby! Thus, I went out with lovely Viki to buy her school bag or bag pack, and then we had tried a long-time-no-see twin twist ice-cream from MCD! I’m loving it!!

 We craved that for years!


Tuesday is my first day of school, enter the class with no stress coz I still same class with Chia Shin, and surprisingly we get a good lecturer again. How lucky we are, coz most of our course mate was taught by other lecturer which was not as good as this lecturer, we are damn lucky. FYI, due to some problem we’d changed our group while we were registered for this subject on exam week. *evil laugh* now I feel so lucky!

Oh yeah! The very first day of my school reopen, I spent RM120 for 2 books! T__________T


I’ve a 8am class on Wednesday, it ruined my day, coz I need to wake up so damn early, and with a pack time table. T_____T

However, I still prefer my time table right now. chia shin, Jennifer and I went night market after our national dance class, we bought pop corn for our dinner snack!

FYI, I love my national dance lecturer because she is a sporty, modern and stylish lecturer ever!

A cute bow rubber band (made by me)

Thursday was a public holiday for all Malaccan, great! I’ve a holiday again, but I’m way to boring to stay at home, so what I’ve done is I made a bow rubber band to fill up my time. Great experience, and I’ve post up how it been done.

After that, I went Aunty Lucy house, and cycle with Sandra around her house! I’m feeling good!


I meet my French lecturer on Friday; she is a friendly, modern and pretty French woman. I’m foreseeing the learning outcome of me. WAHAHA……

Nothing special happened on Friday actually.

Oh well, I manicure my finger nail in bright pink and do some polka dot on it. I named it as Minnie mouse nail DIY!


It’s Saturday, my cousins were coming on this day.

Both of my little cousins were so cute, they introduce me some cute bears. What they have named it??

Let’s see!

The big bear is mommy, the dark brown bear is a baby (coz it is newly bought by his father) and the milky bear is their friend! How cute was that, I so in love the the dark brown bear, so I begged asked them to give me, and the little boy was nearly fight with me. I'm just kidding baby!

 Playing around in the room with all sort of bear. I love bear so much! can I have one?? WAHAHA..

Free umbrella for those who buy sim card and top up for RM10! WAHAHA.....


My working day, work for DIGI again T_______T

I didn’t have breakfast with my family, a sad case for me, and while promoting the pack or sim card to the foreign workers, they wanted to get numbers from me and yunchee, and we got shock. >____<

What a scary people in the world! He keeps follow us until we went into the Digi center. I’m scare, you know? Why keep follow us? Weirdo! Yun chee was so damn scare until run off from him!

I’m scare as well….

However, that day was great, coz we only work for 4 hours, what a great thingy!

End my one whole week with scareness and happiness! Stay tuned for this week post! *wee*
PS: I finally updated my blog...feel sad I didn't get to enter the finalist for iphone 4 contest! T__________T