Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Yellow man helper in one day!

This is a short update, will be update more after my work day end ok?

This is my 1st time to be yellow man helper, it ain't fun at all, coz I need to explain what kind of product yellow man produce, and the function *thristy*. Besides that, I need to have lunch alone T___________T, I hate eating alone (but lucky I don't need to have dinner alone).

However, yesterday was quite normal, coz I saw Yun Chee on the way to buy a bread to eat. I was damn happy coz I don't need to walk alone and eat that stupid cheese bread! *happy*

I'm so happy here...

I hit the target, but I'm the lowest among them T______________T

I need to catch up with them, today is my second day of working, Gambateh lydia~


NANG for it, thank you!


  1. oh-my-Lydia, jiayou jiayou, remember, your motivation is the wages that you r going to get!!! aja aja hwaiting!! muackss

  2. is the last day! so happy~