Saturday, October 2, 2010

I wouldn't believe you all anymore T__________T

While I was watching drama just now, my phone rang, and I dare not to pick up the phone coz there is no name for that particular phone no. (I’m scary cat; dare not to pick those numbers which I don’t know well).

However, I picked up the phone, and it is a guy!

(The following is what our conversation)
Guy: Hello, do you write the 4 blog post for iPhone 4 contest? (In Cantonese)
Me: ya~ *shocked + nervous*
Guy: do you know Cantonese!? (Well, normal question)
Me: ya~ *still shocked + nervous*
Guy: So, about the blog contest, we have evaluated 15 blog post for semi final, so, can you write 2 more posts for iPhone 4!?
Me: ya~ (ok, the only thing I answered him was YA! I’ve no idea what to answer in Cantonese)
Guy: do you know, this contest sponsor is Digi right? I’m calling from Digi, can you write that posts?
Me: Em… *nervous* (have no idea what to answer again)
Guy: so, the blog title we will send to your email, can you give me your email address?
Me: ya~ (what a stupid choice) my email address is
Guy: Oh…..wait a minute, I need to take paper to write it down! (as if like real =_______=)
Me: …..
Guy: Do you know that we are ONE FM wan duo lei (something like gotcha from
Me: SHIT!! *wondering who kenakan me* (I was damn paiseh, and keep thinking how if friend listen to this fm later, especially shin)
Guy: do you know who asked us to treat you?? Do you??
Me: I don’t know!!!!! *wondering who so like to treat me* (be frank I thought Jennifer, sorry Jennifer)
Guy: *burst into laughter* ok lah , don’t want to treat you anymore! I’m lewis lah!!

Me: I was like OMG! You guys treat me….
Sis and the guy-Lewis: *laugh non-stop* why you so stupid one, like this also kena, kenakan twice some more! Why you answered ya only!? WAHAHAHA
Me: I hate you! WAHAHA..

Ya, it’s twice, Babe! How stupid I am!!
!st is iPhone 4, then it one. Fm! WTH!?
As I know, they had planned this since the day I started my exam, *omg* how bad they are, treat me like that. T___________T
They are way toooo boring I guess! T_______________T
I’m the victim to heal their boredom I guess, but I enjoyed anyway! WAHAHAHA….

They even record my voice as well, and sis said she going to post in facebook. WHAT!??
Please don’t, but I would like to share in my blog. *evil laugh*

PS: Will post the recorder when I get it from my sis. *evil laugh*

nang for it!! Thank you~