Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haze drive me crazy

It is so blurry, even the mosque is covered with haze! T_______T

Around 12.30pm yesterday, Jennifer and I went to New Jusco for nail polish, so I decided to fetch her before headed to New Jusco.
The very first step I step out from my house, haze was like enemy attacking me, oh my god, it’s was gross, I hate smoking, as a result, any cigarettes smoke or haze or whatsoever related to smoke, I would avoid them. However, haze just can’t be avoided! *sweat*

My lung is going to be half black soon. T_________________T
I really don’t understand why open burning is still available in the world, I really so damn hate it!

The haze still go on today, I’m not going out today due to the thick haze around my house. T_____T

NANG for it, thank you

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