Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm done!

Good Morning everyone,
I didn't update my blog for 2 days due to my work still on last 2 days. As I mentioned, I work for Yellow man last few days, it was totally exhausted and thristy coz I need to explain the new plan and show the new number available for the plan to the customer. There are many kind of customer,

1st type - listen to my explanation, and see the new number they like and bought it. (which is a good one)
2nd type- listen to my explanation, then said will come back later (which will not come back again) T__T
3rd type- listen to my explanation, then their family say no. (So tiring explaining to them *phew*)
4th type - interested in this new Digi plan, but they don't want to change their number *disappointed*
5th type - they said they use postpaid which I've no idea what to say anymore.
6th type - they just ignore me. ( which I often do to the promoter, sorry to those pity promoter)
7th type - the customer said they don't use handphone (this is the most ridiculous type, coz now everyone is using handphone except for those elderly, but those customer is youngster! SHIT! )
8th type - Foreigner customer (need to explain again and again to make sure they understand what I mean, coz I can't listen properly what they actually told me, sorry for that)
9th type - they listen to what I said, then ask me question, and I answered! After a long period explaining, they said they are Singaporean! T_______T (Waste my time)
10th type - come to me and ask me what is the new package ( I love this kind the most, coz I don't need to approach them at all, they just come to me. *happy*)

I really feel exhausted after work for 3 days, coz I need to keep approaching, explaining, talking and showing what number they want. I was wondering why they want to find a nice number, coz mostly is my mom find for me, and we didn’t choose that much, we just see and simply choose one. (My handphone number was not bad as well) *curious*

Working this promoter was just like war, everyone was like fight for sale, ( I'm wondering why again, coz no commission for that) except me and one guy (coz we are new). There is a guy was super duper competitive, he like to compare sale with each other ( nothing better to do), me and the new guy were super dislike him, coz whenever we approch to customers, he will say that his customer, and we should give him some sale (SHIT LA). However, we were okay to give him our sale (for one or two times), but he keeps told us the same thing for like thousand times! OMG! If that is his customer, why they don't find him, and find us, am I right? Thst stupid guy really freak me out, super duper hate him. Thus, the new guy and me fight sale with him, and we won last night! Both of us were damn happy, and the stupid guy was damn angry! He nearly fight with a Indian guy yesterday, damn stupid man! *hate hate hate* I hope I don't work with that stupid dude next time! *sigh*

Oh ya! Our boss and lady boss were quite friendly, and they asked me to work for other event if I can, yes I can, but no in schooling day, sorry boss! They wouldn't force me to work anyway, hope I can get more part time in the future!

Well, yesterday was the end of the roadshow, and my sale was not bad as well, feel happy that I've a great sale thoughtI'm not the best seller, at least I won that stupid dude! WAHAHAHA.... *happy*
As I mentioned last post that I'm the lowest sale among them, but then I'm improving throughout this 2 days, sale is getting better! YEAH!!

OK, I should stop here, it is too long right now....

PS: I'm going BBQ later with butch of friends, it's going to be a great time again!

NANG for it, thank you!


  1. it's a competitive world out there =)

  2. ya! i agree to u ken....sigh!
    yun chee, ya..wordy + complain post WAHAHA....