Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mid-autumn festival celebration with family

I supposed to post this the day before my final exam, but due to my laziness I’ve delayed until now. We had our mid-autumn celebration one week before, coz I’ll be having my final exam on that day. My mom and aunty decided to have BBQ that day (It’s been so long, our family didn’t have BBQ celebration already), I’m super happy.

Two days before the BBQ celebration, I went to market with my mom and aunty, and I’ve predicted that we’ll be having a great BBQ ever, and then my prediction is correct! We really have the most wonderful BBQ ever, food paradise! (Sorry if I let you feel hungry)

Preparation for the BBQ....... (kinda tired but I like)
The gals were preparing for the food! *yum yum yum*

The guys prepare for the charcoal for BBQ

The children! Playing around in my house *cute*

As I mentioned, this is the most awesome BBQ ever in my life, we've many variety of food, and it was so yummilicious.
From chicken to fish to Home-made Otak-otak to sweet corn to mee and mee hoon....
to prawn to To fu to fruit to wine and to my favourite marshmallow (The must in BBQ) *love*
Our party started when the night still young.
Our professional BBQ master- my uncle. WAHAHA..
This is the wine I said just now. It's a egg yolk wine according to my uncle's friend, and it need to mix with...
7-up!! It's super duper yumilicious, I want to have some next time.
The varieties of food we'd prepared! I love food.
They are all trying to decorate our house with lantern, nice decoration!
Everyone was busy with BBQ there, but what I was doing while they were BBQ-ing?

Camwhore of coz. (sorry for the quality of the photo, coz it is too dark there)
Our BBQ food. I love the otak-otak the most!

The sweet corn which my sis love the most!
And the marshmallow with biscuit which everyone love damn much, especially ME! I love marshmallow so much, wish to have it in my rest of the BBQ gathering!


Playing around with my little cousins, I love them as usual, they are so cute~

But it is so hard to take photo with them, they keep on moving here and there, so the photos outcome were always BLURRY! =_______=
It's burning, but then.....
They still enjoy burning the sweet corn damn much. =___________=
The sweet corn outcome was terrible, CAO DA!!
Sis and me in the same colour T-shirt, we didn't planned for it ok?
The thing we can't missed in this festival is playing lantern around the house or road!

We did it anyway!! WAHAHA.....

We have birthday celebration for my cousin as well!! (as I mentioned in the last post)
Her birthday cake for cottage bakery house! I love her birthday cake so much, it is damn special.

I'm the KEH LE FE

The cousins!!

And The FAMILY!! My little cousin so cute, look at the camera with his super big eyes. I love him damn much!
They are so in love with the cake, and the chocolate as well! I love too~ Yummilicious~
our part end around 11pm, and all of us was damn tired and sleepy that time. However, we enjoyed a lot in this party, I hope to have this kind of party again the next time.

I want to eat marshmallow again and again and again! ( My new addicted dessert besides cheese and chocolate)

PS: There will be a BBQ gathering with my friends next monday, hope it is as wonderful as what I've in this festival!

NANG for it, thank you~

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