Saturday, October 16, 2010

Teh one day trip!

Two days ago, Teh came back to visit us, and he’d planned a lot activities for himself (What a good food planner he is), everything he planned was FOOD activities, I think he is starving since the day he went Cyber. WAHAHA……

Well, first stop we went sushi king for sushi (that day was sushi day).

 We are hunger for sushi except Koo man ( I don't understand why he dislike sushi so much, and yet agreed to go for sushi =__________=) .
 Shin yi was lucky, she get 3 pieces of fresh salmon per plate! Why I'm not that lucky?? WHY???

Photo session as usual...
 Take 1 - Pass, but why koo and teh have no expression (fail)

 take 2- they finally post, but then the photo blur and shinyi has a half face. T___________T

 Take 3- Where is koo face? Half face he has T_______T

Take 4- finally we are all in good position and expression! Love it...
 (But Teh has a cool face)

As I mentioned, Koo man dislike sushi so much, and he just ate one plate to entertain us! *sweat*
If he don't like sushi, we can switch to other food one, so cute loh him!
 I brought mr. doggy here! WAHAHA.... (No lah, he is in my bag always)
 The best blur and cool award to KOO MAN!! He is damn blur and cool at the same time....I mean he keeps telling us those lame joke. =______=  I'm not a good laughter ok??

Then second stop, we went for movie.
 Another 2 friends joined us for movie. *great*
 When the movie haven't start, we camwhore...
 and even in the toilet!!!

The funniest thingy is that, 4 of us were confused about the character in the movie, we keep figure out why some of the characters were not in the movie, and below is our conversation...

Shinyi: Hey, who is the XXX??
Lydia: I also don't know who is he, what character he acts as, koo?
Koo: *thinking* Ya hor, what he acts as already?
Lydia and shinyi: I also don't know, then how about another XXX (girl), is it the main character or something?? The main character we know who is she, then where is the another girl?
Koo: weird!? Hey Teh, do you see the XXX (boy) in that movie?
Teh: *confuse* what you 3 were talking about? That's was another movie characters lah, not the one we watched just now.
Koo, shinyi and me: =__=lll

We three really damn blur, coz previously we were wanted to watch that movie, and keep discussing the characters in the movie, but then after that some of them were like don't one to watch that, and we had changed to other movie. We forgot what we watch anymore. T______T

After this, we went for Pizza!
 The new pizza- extreme cheese pizza, it has 6 cheeses in this pizza. I'm cheese lover, but then it tastes not satisfied me, coz it is too salty!
 Me and shinyi were eating our pizza. (sorry for the poor photo quality, coz my friend uses her handphone to capture this)
Group photo without koo man! (photo quality poor again, sorry)

I've a wonderful food and movie trip with them, and teh had went back tomorrow, hope to see him another day! Besides that, hope yunchee can join us the next time, promise ya!?

PS: I love gathering so much, but I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my bloggy, feel so sorry! Going to out later with Jennifer again, we're going to buy nail polish! I love it~

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