Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet up with two lovely girls!

As I mentioned in my last post that I'll meet up with two lovely girls ( I know you gals very shy now, don't shy ya, or you gals are proud with it, WAHAHA...) today.
 The two lovely girls I met up with, Shinyi and Yun Chee (Don't either shy or proud of it. WAHAHA...)

Today I'm late again, sorry for the late ( I always late for any gathering coz I scare to be alone in New Jusco, I don't like the weird feeling, you know right? *evil laugh*), but Shin yi is the latest, so I consider quite normal.

Due to me and Yun Chee hungriness, we decided to go for Ajisen Ramen!
 Ordered the Ajisen ramen today. The taste quite normal, but I like!

 The free dish- vegetable. The thing good for Ajisen is free dish! I've no idea why there is a free dish!?

 The BIG spoon I like the most! Trust me, I need a big mouth to fit it, it is way too big for me, that's mean I've small mouth. WAHAHAHA.....*shy*

Playing with the chop stick. (igonre my childishness, please!)
our food is the same, and we are going to eat as soon as possible. *hungry*

 Camwhore while having lunch.

Camwhore after lunch.

Ok, we love camwhore so much, that's the camwhore partner, Yun Chee!! *clap clap*

We gossiped a lot today (for 2 hours, I guess) at Ajismen.

After this, we went cool blog to have some drink, because it is cheaper than Ajismen's drink! Pro calculator, Yun Chee and Lydia! WAHAHA.....

Mine- honey milk tea with pearl ( The taste quite special for me, coz it uses milk tea instead of normal powder like thingy)
Yun Chee- honey green tea! Look nice, but I hate green tea, sorry for that!

While we were walking to car park, this mirror attracted us, we stop, and have a reflected photo. I shall state it as photo of the day, because our legs look so long, I like!

The funniest thingy is that Shin Yi was damn shocked when she saw this, and keep walking around and see the effect. *cute*

we ended our lunch time just like this!
Free you guys my camwhore photo. (WHAT!? You have no interest in my camwhore photo!? So sorry to irritate you eyes! *shy*)

PS: Going for daddy birthday celebration! Stay tuned for the post! *wee*

nang for it, thank you!


  1. lol....maybe cz of me, then gt the free dish lo xD

  2. maybe lo..coz u so leng ha! HAHAHA.........