Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is freaking CHEAP!! Sushi~

What I had done after class?

I went Sushi King with my friend (Jennifer and Ivy) after class; coz sushi king is having a promotion again! RM2 per plate of sushi, this is so freaking cheap I can say.

Not to delay, we went there about 11am and it is full of people already. (But still not that pack yet) Those people really love sushi so much. We get our sit as we reached there, planning good! We have about one hour to enjoy our sushi! Awesome!!

I can eat what I like in one hour, great!

Can you imagine, when you are so hungry and……..
These sushi...

This fish eggs sushi

tofu skin sushi

and sausages like sushi

included this crispy sushi...

are just cost RM2 per plate???

This is freaking CHEAP!! All of that just cost RM2 per plate and in normal day it cost maximum RM6 per plate, so members promotion has begin again!! As a sushi lover like me, surely support RM2 per plate promotion!!

As I told you just now, I went there with Jennifer!! Love this camwhore photo.

The group photo of us. Today Jennifer has learned to camwhore group photo. Good job, Jennifer! I'm the good lecturer! WAHAHA........

Me and Ivy. This girl is super cute and hilarious one, coz she doesn't where the parking ticket machines is. It doesn't matter she doesn't where the place but she pretend that she want to shop with us, this is why I said she is super hilarious! But then when she told us that she doesn't the machine is, Jennifer and I laugh madly. How bad we are! Sorry lvy. She is way to shy to say out that she doesn't know where the machine is.

Me and Jennifer with spec! I look good with spec or without?

All the sushi were turning around. Delicious~
Before one hour, our stomach was going to burst. I'm so full...
Our target for today was ten plate per person, but end up we just ate 8 plate per person. *failed* However, I'm so blissful after eating Sushi! Love Sushi so much....Yum Yum!!
Decorated by Ivy, ME and Jennifer. We were way too free to decorate it! *lame*
Ok, after we had taught Ivy how to use that machine, she bravely use it by herself. *she is going to kill me, if she read this*

She had pass the test! Great job Ivy!! You had done a great job!! *clap clap*
PS: I have to say sorry to one of my friends, Yun Chee coz I didn't inform when we are going for Sushi, and she had waited me! I'm so sorry, Yun Chee!

One more thing I would like to say is thank you to Yong and Siang Ming for the Souvenir from Pulau Redang. They went Pulau Redang in 1st semester and had forgotten to give us this!
So they brought it to school and gave to us! Thank you! *kiss*
Love it so much............

PS: tomorrow I'm going to GoGo KTV!! *Happy* It's been so long I didn't go there, miss a lot.

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