Saturday, April 10, 2010

Extreme Expedition

Today is a damn bad day for me, coz I have accidentally bang my neighbor car this early morning. (6am) I’m super scare now coz I think I need to pay quite a big amount of money, how am I suppose to do? Teach me please, people! I’m so tired right now? Reason? Because of after banging people’s car?

The reason is because I became the working committee for the Extreme Expedition which organized by our school accounting club.

I’m the one who in charged for the “food Testing station” (opps, did I tell you that this is a station game, I think I’ve misstated. *evil laugh*) so I need to let them to know how the game will be and let them try of the sauces.

The sauces need to proved by their team members some more! OMG! I’ve a lot of thing need to take care of. Chia shin and I gone crazy when the team came in so fast! This is the type of sauces that we have! I "love" wasabi!

Our venue for the Food Testing game. We had cleared the place by ourselves, just two of us, Chia Shin and I. Cool har!! It is quite big!

After setting the place, for sure camera will be available for me! WAHAHA...

Gather at the main venue for some briefing and welcoming session for all the team member who join this game! Our MC was super hilarious, and the participator also very active! Good begining!
The prizes for the winner. The grand price was the biggest hamper and there is 5 pendrive for the winner! *OMG* I love pendrive! They really have a big amount of budget for this game! I mean accounting club for sure!

The participator (green T-shirt) was thinking of what slogan for their group. Think Think Think!!

We, working committee have this wisel for us as a remark as working committee! Pretty cool when we wear that, but I didn’t get pink colour coz most of them were taken by other committee included Chia Shin. *sob*
While we were free, Chia Shin will add in more sauces for the participator! We combined two sauces together and them guess what was it, that's was really funny when they couldn't get the answer. WAHAHA.....

The sauces, looks disgusting. I hate combination of two sauces together!! Gross....

The punishment was totally drag people to hell. It is an herbal tea which is super duper bitter. I hate indeed!!

While waiting for the other group, I was having fun with team 8. They are so cute and funny, they will post in whatever way they like. *love*

This is the ingrdient for station 2 which Jennifer and Jenny (new found friend) take care of. That's was really gross coz the loser need to drink the "delicous" water where all sort of things (picture above) will be in the particualr drink! Gross...

With Jenny (new found friend)

JLS is too bored so they tend to play with their wisel! WAHAHA.......

Drew by ME!! OK! My drawing skill is suck! Don't judge it please! Thank you!

The computer save us from boring-ness!

Fine! Chia Shin had ignored me! Pity!

After the last team, we end our station and quicky clean up the place and gather at the main venue again!

We've our lunch at the main venue

Our lunch- Fried mee and egg! Everyone was really enjoy their food nicely, probably because all of us was starving!
Yum Yum! I'm eating my lunch! Delicious~

The winner for this game was team 10! Good job!
Having photo session with our leader aka director of this event!! Pretty girl right?

Jenny, me and Wei Teng (I have no idea how to spell her name, forgive me!) Both of them was nice and cute!
PS: edited Wei Teng name.

The last picture was when I wanted to captured the entire people in that venue, then this two guy look at the photo and pose with it! So funny la wey!

The Extreme Expedition was successfully complete! That was really fun and tired!

Next time I will join this event again, coz I get to know the people in this event, it was really fun but tired for sure!

PS: I’m so tired right now.

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