Sunday, April 11, 2010

Surprise birthday celebration for Jennifer

Well, Jennifer is officially 20 year old today! Happy birthday, Jenny!

For her birthday celebration, we had planned to make a Peach cheese cake for her as a surprise gift. Thus, after yesterday event, Chia Shin and I rushed to fetch Shi Ting and went to buy some ingredient for that cake, that’s was really exhausted, coz we couldn’t find the cheese (Philadelphia) at Jusco. *rolling eyes* not waste any time we quickly pay the bill and rushed to Giant for that particular cheese! OMG! It’s really waste my energy, but worth it anyway.

So now I’m going to let the photo to tell the story of how we gonna make this cake! It is rather fail!

First of all, to make a cake, we need......
An instruction paper (written by Shi Ting) However, this ingredient seems has some problem coz it had overstated the amount of sugar! What a lousy ingredient it is and the most important is that I searched from the internet! *sweat to the max*

Thus, don’t blame me for the sweetness. WAHAHAHA……….
Smashing the biscuits

Take photo while we were smashing the biscuit! FIY, Shi Ting had done nothing in this photo, she just pretend to smash the biscuits! (Opps, I've say out your secret Shi Ting *evil laugh*)

Now she is smashing the biscuits! *thumb up*

With peace!
She purposely asked me to capture this photo coz she wanted to show that she is Miss CLEAN!! *evil laugh*

Chia Shin finally open the tin of peach which is for the decoration

NAH! This is the cheese that let rushed from one place to another. It is a troublesome cheese I should say.

Miss CLEAN is proving that she is clean again!

After mixing all the ingredient, it looks gross but the taste yum if the sugar is less.

While she is doing the box......
Ok, What I should say about the cake was totally FAILED, coz it melted when we took out from the refrigerator. It really melted! OMG! FAILED to the max!
This is how it looks when it started to melt! We put the cake into the Italy bakery box so that it looks good in outside and "surprise" inside!
Later that, we went Jennifer's house to give her surprise. Oh yeah! I had forgotten to tell you people that we had contacted her sis to help us in this surprise "game", and it is totally successed! Thank you Agnes and Jennifer's parents for the help! *orz*
Thus, Jennifer was so surprise when she saw us hiding in her house. She was like WAH, so malu (embarrassing) lah!! *blushed*

We gave her a "surprise birthday gift too.. which is
a box of .......(drew by Shi Ting, Chia Shin and I)

purple T-shirt and it is what we had given her last week. *sweat*

She was laughing like mad when saw thing in the box!

The celebration haven't end. We went Station One for the continuous celebration
Our ice-lemon tea! Refreshing as usual...*smile*

Trying to camwhore together, but it has failed! =[
so I decided just camwhore with one person.
Camwhore with Chia Shin!
Group photo without Jennifer. Wang is the spoiler of the photo *sigh*

Girls group photo. WAH!! Chia Shin, you are soooooo tall!

All of us!! Love Love!
We have a gift for you Jennifer!!

This is our camwhore photo for you!! *kiss*

We LOVE you

Closed up
We LOVE You~
Before we went back home, camwhore at my car! *good pose* PEACH!! World peace! WAHAHA...
PS: We have video up the surprise birthday "party" for Jennifer! I will upload in the next post for sure!! YEAH!!
PSS: We are a successful planner, besides the Melted cake. It has spoiled our plan. *sob*

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