Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is a good bargain for ME!!

Well, I should post this earlier, but I didn’t do so coz the TM person haven’t come my house to fix it, so I delay to post it. Early in the morning, they came and fix the telephone line for us. *sweat*, I need to wait for another 2 days for my wireless again! This is so called efficient!

So, this is a package for us, university student who are poor (no lah, this is what I added in), and student in first year and second year. This package also provides us a bargain price for the monthly payment and a frees NETBOOK for us too. It is a good deal for us.
They have many varieties of prices for the speed of the internet; you can choose it as you like it!
All you need to do is sign up this package at TM Net and waited for around one month (for me) and you will get a netbook plus wireless and a bargain monthly payment! This is why they said it is UNI COOL PACK!! This package really worth it coz you can have a net book as well as a wireless just in one bargain price.
Pretty cook right??

PS: My friend get their netbook in two weeks time! How about me??

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