Friday, April 2, 2010



You guys might be very curious about what on earth I’m trying to express, am I right?

Ok, there is a video where I have done a MAGIC show at Mc Donald and it is freaking fun of doing it. However, I will no post any video in this Magic post coz I need to do some edit work on it. Stay Tuned people! This afternoon, my friend and I had decided to gather at Mc Donald for the sick of missing it so much. (No lah, we have this gathering because one of my friend had came back from Kampar, Perak) we didn’t meet each other since the last gathering where we have pillow talk at her house. it is pretty long for me, I don’t the rest of coz.
While eating the food, Jennifer started to grump for her burger because the worker has mess up the vegetable and the chicken together (I mean the vegetable was all over the place!!) how is she going to eat it?? As she was complaining, Shi Ting/Bee Yoke told her to use the straw to pick up the vegetable and it really works! Good idea from Shi Ting or Bee Yoke. This was the idea!! One straw two use- statement from Shi Ting. WAHAHA......

We really were having a lot of fun at MCD especially when we are trying to do the MAGIC, its work! OMG! We were having fun to the MAX! However, there is some spoiler who spoils our mood of doing that coz while we were recording the video, some people besides our table was recording us without our permission, OMG!! This is so rude, as a return we had record a video of them too. They are the worst and rude people in the world. They just don’t leave us alone, I just don’t get it!! I will post their rudeness up if video has process!!

After awhile, we went for “Shopping” (talking all around without seeing anything).
See! How funny when Shi Ting is trying to find something interesting.

e were so tired after “shopping”, sleep to charge our “battery”…. ok, besides Jennifer who still awake!

Magic group. I love this photo after has been edited!

2 second later...

Sleep again... what a tiring day we have, and yes Jennifer disappeared this time.

Awake again and done some stupid stuff.

Hello?? Can I speak to you! WAHAHA........

Well, the final piece of our photo was the very first time we act cute together. Can you imagine, cut cute in front of your friend. OMG! I think this is the hardest part when come to shooting. Cos you need overcome your coyness to do it for sure.

Thus, it is a big deal for us....
Yes! We did it with our coyness.
Anyway, today I've purchase the heel shields for my heel and it is recomended by my friend.

Does it effective? I will try and make a full report to you guys! *laughing* I'm just kidding....

Oh yeah!! I'm watching the Project Alpha 1 for nicolekiss, the famous travel blogger in Malaysia. I'm sooooooooo envy of her where she can travel all over the world such as Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and etc. When can I go all these places?? I hope I have the chance to travel too.... *sob*

Anyway, I will try my best to end my university life first.

PS: One month to travel to Penang and have Steamboat, I'm waiting for it!!

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