Friday, April 9, 2010

I don't what to title on this post so let it be MIXING!!

1 st I’ve a miserable day today coz due date for my assignment is on next Tuesday and yet I still haven’t solved the problem, feel depressed and stressed!

I need some ice-cream from Baskin Robin, I love Baskin Robin but I didn’t have the chance to have it! I will try to eat someday, probably on Wednesday coz as Jennifer said Wednesday is a pink day where you can bring any pink stuff to the Baskin Robin stall and the workers will give 2 scope of ice-cream for RM7.90!

OMG! It is cheaper than normal where you will have only one scope!

Well, the main purpose of writing this post is not about Baskin Robin. All is because I’m too bored and wait for my friend to come my house.

She will come to my house at 4.30pm, so I have another one hour to crap here! I have a negative mood today where everything seems to be unsuccessfully being done! I just hate this kind of feeling.

I need a positive mood right now, so I open my photo and I saw this photo of me and milky (My cousin’s dog) it brighten my day!! Her dog was super cute but it is kind of naughty when come to my house coz her dog will bite my pillow and keep jumping on my sofa!! DAMN IT!! WAHAHA…..

2nd things make my mood went down is because Sin Chew had simply post up an article about us (the student in MMU) who park at the illegal car park, and the person said that MMU has lots of parking place for us to park, why we still parking at there? OMG! This is so damn stupid!!Did he saw any parking place for us? I think what he saw was staff car park and not us or maybe he came at night so there is a lot of car park for us! DAMN IT!! STUPID, BRAINLESS AND ALSO BLIND!!!

This is the article!!

however, I heard that a reporter will come MMU on Monday to ask us about the car park problem, hope it will solve soon…

This is a map for MMU new parking place! It is way too far for us, and freaking dangerous I can say!! Dark and scary!!

My friend came my house just now and we wer discussiong something important, after that we found out we have lots of memorable days together. I kind of miss the days we met, play and study together. Those days passed so fast!!

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