Friday, April 16, 2010

Aiko birthday celebration!

I suppose to post this yesterday but due to the internet server down, so I’ve to update today, sorry. Yun Chee is on the may 4, it is on the day after our first subject exam, so it is hardly for us to celebrate her birthday on that day coz we NEED to study for the rest of the subject, sorry Yun Chee aka Big head aka Aiko.

Thus, we celebrated her birthday two day ago, and it is quite surprise that Aiko has no surprise mood, kind of disappointed. However, according to her blog, she state that she was really surprise when we gave her a surprise birthday celebration, which was good for me!

Happy forwarded birthday, Aiko!

What was our surprise gift for her??

Kind of surprise, right?

Photo that we had collected. Our memories......

*Woo.. *Stabilo colour pen! Nice colour, I love it...

We were writing our memories in that book. This is so memorable.

The messy table with photo and colour pen.

How we did it?

First we collected the photo of our memories…
Then we pasted in a manila card
Next, made it as a book of our memories,

Lastly, decorated nicely with ribbon, I’m the one who decorated the front page. It looks nice?

Later that, we quickly rushed to Dreambox for the celebration, sorry for that Aiko and Zie Yeung. (Zie Yeung is the planner anyway)

Birthday cake and gift from us (Shinyi and Me)

We camwhore with the cake and gift, I love the front page which decorated by me as well. *blush*

We are the best friend. WAHAHAHA... Special gift from us, did you feel touch, aiko?

As usual, we love camwhore!

Our drink.

Fruit (I love the decoration of the fruit)

Fried egg with oysters and tuna bread which i love so much.

Teppanyaki chicken

Fried chicken with onion and chiliSushi (the taste quite weird) and green bean (Love)

Fruit tart (Our desserts)
Soup (nice)

Yeah!! I love food, the food was quite delicious! *Thumb up*


They were busying singing but I was just busy pressing the remote. *sweat* Well, I sing too..

Us finished up the food. Yum Yum..... I love the tart the most.

It's time to stop our singing "party", because photo session in on. That was the thing we always do to end our party! Camwhore Camwhore camwhore!! *evil laugh*

Group photo...

3 of us. L.O.V.E

Ok, fine! We are in the same height! *rolling eye*
Trying to bully Zie Yueng, and he act cute man!! *laughing madly*

We are the ghost! We suppose to act like a ghost but turn out like retarded! It is super dupe retarded. LOL

Our Mystery photo.

Ignore our stupidness. It is just so fun to play with!

Try to measure the board, but it seems like we were failed to the max!


(OMG!! Who had done this???)

Camwhore in Zie Yueng's car!

For second round, (FIY, this is the first time I went out with them for second round) we went Limbonang (The place that me and my friend usually went for Yam Cha).
Zie yueng show some trick for magic!! Magic~!
What I can say was magic always trick other, it done with the matter of how you do it! However, I still love magic… LOL

MAGIC~~ *opening my hand*

PS: Internet server is back to normal, now I can tweet and online for the whole day!! YEAH!

PSS: April is a baby born day, coz many of my friend born in this month, Great!! By the way, today was my bro birthday, Happy Birthday, bro!!

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