Friday, April 2, 2010

The End!!

Story Time, published on 2008
The story time has finally come to the end, I had watched for 54 days and it is end. I can’t think of any drama to watch from now on at 6pm. (coz I always watch this drama when it is 6pm and won’t miss any episode)

Ok, fine! I know I’m kind of outdated to watch this drama since it has published on 2008, but I just came to know it as you can see.

The story line of this drama was quite funny and nice, especially the love part of the main actor and actress. It is a story of 1960, where it described the people life and how the villagers live together. Besides that, this drama has got quite a lot of award from Taiwan!

It is highly recommended by me for sure.

PS: it had 54 episodes and it is worth it!!

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