Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pinkaholic Lydia ♥

This will be a short post coz I’m having exam for the following week so there will be no new post (I guess) for my blog.

Today, I went beach with my PM1516 gang (My foundation friends, this is for those who just started to read my blog.) the purpose of going beach is because we wanted to celebrate one of the PM1516 gang birthday, and he live besides the beach, as a result after the celebration we went beach for fun!

Talking about beach, beach is where my friend and I (besties) were having fun for the past few semesters, we BBQ, picnic and do all sort of funny things at there. However, this is the first time I went with PM1516 gang, quite fun actually. We drew many words at the beach.
One of friends had drawn JJ’s blog name at the beach, so I was like OMG! I’m going to do it too.

Thus, I drew my blog name too!


This name was created by my friend, Aiko and I love it so I would use it no matter how I change my blogskin! That’s my blog name! Pinkaholic Lydia!!

We were so crazy about our name, so I end up captured photo with my blog name and it is a good shoot! Thank Rebecca for the help!

I simply just love it.
Pinkaholic Lydia ♥

PS: I think I've type too many words in this post! I'm going to stop it! Bye♥

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