Friday, April 23, 2010

The Body Shop facial product! Love~

Today is the day where I step in Body Shop for the first time. (I mean I don’t really shop in Body Shop coz their stuff was like super expensive in my opinion, not deny right?) So, now you may curious why I went Body Shop, am I right?

I went there because I’m craving to buy a new facial product, moisture white™ shiso, I saw this product in Google and it is good for pigmentation and freckles, so I’m going to get it coz I have freckles few months ago and started to realise about that. (How slow I am. ==lll)

First time shop in Body Shop was rather weird, coz I totally blank when went in, the feeling was so weird. I was so weird that, I straightaway went to the place where moisture white™ shiso placed at and stared for a few second without doing anything. A girl came to me and asked me what I want for, and I stared at her without doing anything. I’m such a blur queen today.

Thus, she looked at me weirdly and started to ask me some question. We like student and teacher coz she asks I answer. The funny part is:
The girl (promoter): what can I help you?
Mimi: she wants a product that can cure pigmentation.
The girl (promoter): *shock face* HUH??? How old are you?
Me: *staring her in my blur face*
Mimi: ERM……..
The girl (promoter): you are so old that have pigmentation.
Me: *smile in guilt* no, I want to cure my freckles *speech softly*
Mimi: oh yeah! She want a cure freckles product which moisture white™ shiso.

PS: the girl was super duper shock when mimi said I have pigmentation and then she explained that mine is freckles. *laughing*

However, I didn’t buy moisture white™ shiso coz the girl said it is too powerful for me and my face is not serious as others so seaweed is a good choice for me.

I bought this trial pack because it is cheaper than the big bottle and I wanted to try whether it is good for me or not. It cost me RM 76 for that pack! 4 stuff in one bag! Love it so much. I hope it works, I hardly find a product suit for me coz usually I just use my sis and mimi product for once or twice then I feel it is not suit for me!

This is my trial pack for seaweed facial product. It has 4 stuff in one bag as I said just now. (Deep cleansing facial wash, toner, night cream and also day cream) cost me RM76.
Well, did I mentioned I didn't but any moisture white™ shiso? Sorry for wrong information, I did buy 2 stuffs for that particular series. I bought sun block cream and shiso concentrated targer perfector for my freckles. This two product have cost more than the trial pack. *sweat*

This is for my freckles. The girl said my freckles had appeared is because I didn't use sun block when I stay outside. What a sad case!

Body Shop had redeemed RM20 for everyone who purchased more than RM200 and I get to redeem for sure! I just join their membership for that redemption, good choice for me. I’m so happy I’ve my first set of facial product. That’s why I’m so happy today!
Oh yeah! Not to forget, Earth day!
Body Shop is going green, they use recycled paper bag for every purchaser, which was a good deal. Love our earth!

PS: Love the Earth people!

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