Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm so disappointed!

I went second round sushi with my sis and friends yesterday, and ate quite a lot of sushi except me coz I need to save money for Penang Trip.

Note: My sis treat me half of it, thank sis! I love you.

After that, Jennifer had invited us to watch movie with her and her sis, so we decided to follow them. At first I was so reluctant to follow coz I need to save money for Penang trip and I’ve spent quite a lot this month, I’m broke in short, but they just ask and ask, so at last I just followed.

We had chosen the ice kacang puppy love”. I‘ve ton of comment for this movie, a Malaysian production movie! What can I say about this movie was SUCK! It has wasted my money, time and energy. All of us was like talking in the cinema and keep commenting the movie. It was meaningless; I’ve no idea what it wanted to tell us actually. The entire movie was dull and meaningless, it just has some funny which really funny and sampated for us to laugh, that’s all!!

It really disappoint us, I mean we though it will be nice but end up like rubbish! Ok, it is kind of rude, but it really wastes my money to watch that! I’m a poor student so I were feeling very angry if it is not worth at all to watch it!

The ending was so-so, coz the two main characters was not couple in the end! *sweat*

is not recommended by Lydia for sure!

PS: if you people want to watch it, just watch it. May have a try too. *evil laugh*

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