Sunday, April 25, 2010

CHIN CHAI Restaurant

I’ve to introduce this place for sure, Chin Chai restaurant which located at Semabok. The boss was my friend Kai Loon’s daddy, the boss (ok, I should call uncle) is a funny guy, and he love people call him as leng zai (handsome guy) more than uncle, so now I should state uncle as leng zai.

The foods here are so delicious; you people should have a try someday.
Before eating, I should have a shoot! Yeepee! I somehow love this photo, though it is kinda damage or blurry.

The most important is we didn’t need to wait for a long time to have our food, good service! *thumb up*
Chicken with sauce (I've no idea what sauce is it, sorry people!), this was the first dish that served to us and I love the most! It is kind of sweet and the chicken was so tender. FABULOUS~

Curry pork rib! Kai Loon recommended, yummy yummy~

Hot plate tofu. The tofu was really well cooked. It is so soft and it melted into my mouth as I eat it! *Magic*

We had ordered 3 dishes for 6 of us. However, 2 additional dishes appeared!
The chicken with sambal. This is rather spicy for me and the taste still good. It is the first additional dish ordered by Kai Loon. (This is what his dad said, so funny)

So, when the first additional dish had arrived, we thought that no more food will arrive and we ended up capturing the whole "family members" of our food. *funny*

While eating, another additional dish arrived, we were so shock and this time Leng Zai said it is ordered by aunty. *sweat*

Tofu with sweet sour sauce. I love the sweet sour sauce, it is rather sweet than sour, and it is some kind like Thailand salad, but it uses tofu! *LOVE*

After eating all of these dishes, you may feel very full and oily right?

A cup of chinese tea will help you feel good. That's the elderly use to said and it is true!

Speaking of chinese tea, do you know that if you want to add some water, you may do this:
To have your additional hot water. This is what my friends told me and I just knew it. Thus, I put it as the mean to have an additional hot water (I'm playing actually), but I've waited for so long, nobody was willing to add hot water for me, at last Leng Zai came and said if you want an additional hot water knock the tea pot loudly so that everyone hear it! As a result, if you want to have an additional hot water, please ask from the waiter or waitress, don't do this, it is so unnecessary. *Laughing*

Did you notice the car?? Photo caption from Andrew. He played with my camera for quite a long time and the end result was just one photo with a good shot! *sweat*

Can you imagine how delicious is the food now? We finished up the dishes with nothing left! Yummy yummy *Licking our fingers*

Last but not least....
Camwhore with Jennifer!!

PS: I've have great dinner time with the great kaki!

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