Friday, April 30, 2010

Bunny is enjoying her Rocky stick~

Is bunny here again!

Bunny is currently enjoying her Rocky stick with master!
She seems love Rocky stick so much which is a good thing.

Bunny: master is eating her rocky stick while she is waiting for a big “war” which is called registration time! *sigh* It is a struggle time for master. To realize this stress she gave me a BIG kiss. Love it so much.

Lydia is here.

Today is our “one-semester-once” registration day, I really stressed out when this day is coming, coz everyone will like rushing for it and people who are fast will get to register first. I’m freaking out sometime when I can’t log in and this will waste my time.

Speaking of people who are fast will get to register first; MMU had changed the rule whereby every student have 20 minutes to register instead of wasting time. This rule has its advantages and disadvantages, advantage is we, the slow fellow will get to register when the fast fellow had already register but the disadvantage is we have lack of time to register coz it is just 20 min!! BULLSHIT~

Well, I’m going to prepare for a big war now!

As you can see in this comment, everyone was so worried of today! It is our BIG war day as I mentioned just now!

Back to topic again, I really freaked out just now coz I’ve not add one elective sub for next semester and it us full. I hate the word FULL so much, I was so worried and stressed out, I really have no idea what to do for it. Chia Shin also faced this problem too, we both always the one who left out when come to this day, coz we were to slow to log in.

But then, I had finally get the course which I need to take this semester, I’m going to celebrate today. All of this needs to thank to Jennifer for the help when I’m panicking and Chia Shin, the one who panicking with me. Chia Shin called me and asked me to add this and that, then drop this and that for the sick to get that particular subject, and it’s works! BRAVO, Chia Shin!! You are the best!

Jennifer, the one who helped me to check the time and day, a big thank to her, without her I can’t add the subject! I’m sooo happy as you can see!

All stress has gone and now the stress came back again for FINAL EXAM! I’m going to study right now! I’m having Managerial Accounting on next Monday! *shivering *

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