Monday, April 5, 2010

Shin's birthday celebration!

Today is Chia Shin’s birthday, and of coz we had a birthday celebration for her. We have planned this birthday celebration since last week. However, the celebration was yesterday coz today Jennifer and I have no time to celebrate for her.

Thus, the plan goes like this…
First, I need to confirm whether she at home or not, and try to trick her, but she has gave a super disappointed answer to me. Fail to the max! Thus, I continue to SMS with her and it seems to work, lastly we knew she won’t go out yesterday…

So, the plan continues, we went Jusco to choose for the cake. (It is kind of last minute) while we were choosing the cake, there is no promoter in charge of it, and we get angry and went for another cake house to have it! What a busy day we have…

(Busy finding cake)

After buying the cake, we went her house, prepared for the video and start to move to her house!!!

(Video will be uploading in the next post)

Chocolate mussel cake. It tastes good!

Happy Birthday Chia Shin!! She got shock when we rang her house bell, and scare to open the door for us. She thought we are the thief! *laughing* and YES!! She was so surprise when we said Happy Birthday to her.

PS: We had forgotten to bring the most important lighter!! =.=lll

Distributing the cake to us (Jennifer and I)

We didn’t have much JLS photo, so this time we captured quite a lot JLS group photo. I really love those photos.
We have finally have JLS group photo. *smile*
The spoiler of the photo : J- Jennifer!
After some photo, we decided to change our place so that it is in a right position for the alpahabet- JLS!
So, our end result quite good.. JLS.
PS: FYI, JLS = Jennifer, Lydia, Shin. This is for those who didn't read my blog before. ^^v
and we have this kind of photo, pretty cool right? Love it so much

Anyway, we end this celebration at 10.30pm, because we have class today. *sob*
Time passed so fast!!
By the way, Shin's mom had served us food and drink.
Posing with the drink Shin's mom served! WAHAHA.....
When I pose with these drink, Jennifer automatically know what I am going to ask for. What a good friend har! *Evil Laugh*

and some chips and peanut!

Thank to Shin's mom for serving us so much food.
Shin's mom also served us this!! I love it so much. I've no idea how it call in english, but something to do with lover....

Oh yeah!! Not to forget the gift we gave her, Jennifer and Bee yoke.

Guess what???
It is a purple T-shirt
Each of us have one too. I mean Jennifer, Shi Ting, Chia Shin , Bee Yoke and I have the same T-shirt for Penang trip!
We decided to wear the same T-shirt together. What a fun way!! I really can't wait for it!!

Yesterday was the most wonderful and tired day ever. *love*

PS: One month to our Penang Trip!! I'm still waiting............

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