Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When four ladies meet each other....

It’s been a long times I didn’t mention about my PM1516, simply because there is lesser and lesser time together with them. I always asked why we need to change course and change class.

I love them so much; I love the days we hang around. The days have become memories for me.

However, some of us still gather sometimes, such as Miki, me, Shinyi and Yun Chee.

4 of us gather at MCD one month ago and yet I have not post it in my blog. I have been wanted to post for a zillion times but my laziness stop me, sorry guys!

So, story start now….

One month ago, four ladies decided to meet each other at MCD which located at Melaka Mall for the sick of missing each other so much. *shy*

The day came, and yes, one of them came late as usual (that’s me, I always will be the late one, I’m sorry guys!! Love you…)

When they meet each other, as usual, they will start chit-chatting……
From a simple line “how are you?” to funny line to a serious one, many things they had discussed, made fun of and talk with each other. They were so happy and keep trying the function of each other hand phone camera.

Besides that, they also captured some of their watch for remembrance. Unfortunately, one of them was not wearing any of it, so the lady quickly brainstorming and came out a brilliant idea.

That was how the new inventory came out! *Proud*

And others helped this lady to blink up her watch by editing some “blink blink” sign on it. Thank you!
For not wasting anytime, they promoted their watch immediately, which was really good shooting. Love the lighting!
Everyone was so proudly promoting their watch, especially the "special one".
After chit-chatting and captured a lot of photos, it’s time for four of them to go back their home sweet home. Before they leave, they captured a peace pose for remembrance. (That’s was my favourite pose)

That's the end of story "when four ladies meet each other"
Thank for reading *evil laugh*

I love the gathering so much, when we're going to have this kind of gathering again??

Plan please my friends!! *begging with blink eye*

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