Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of March 2010! *woo*

Today is the end of March and my midterm exam is over. *hurray* however, final is around the corner, it drag my mood to hell.

I’ve nothing to blog actually; I think I may write about my random life today. All I had done today was study, classes, study and study, nothing much I can do for today, coz I’m having an exam which is the last paper for midterm today.

Oh yeah! Today is my first day take care of the booth which is accounting club booth for some event, you may join this event if you want, visit us at CLC Concourse, MMU. It is so damn boring but what I've done was STUDY, as I said, my life is full of Macroeconomics theory today, Hate it!! However, this paper has ended, happy!

Ok, I really have nothing to share with you people, so, I will post the ANNOYING ORANGE Part2 for you guys! There are many versions actually, but I will just upload one.

Fine!! I can’t find any funny part of annoying orange video! I’m giving up!!

So I think that all I can update my blog.

Ok lah!! I upload an ugly photo of four ladies! Don’t laugh after seeing it, promise?

well, is 2 ugly face ladies with fool public ladies.

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