Monday, March 1, 2010

Pinky Elephant!

Okay, I should post this on last week, but due to my lousy handphone camera had captured a blury photo, I decided to wait until my pinky camera back to my home.
So, when my camera was back home, I captured this cute little pinky Elephant key chain immediately.

This is a souvenir from my friend- Shinyi. She bought this souvenir at Thailand for us, and she had chosen the pink one for me and one of my friends.

She knew I love pink stuff, I means things that is pink but not pink clothes and pants. I wouldn’t wear any single of it, coz it is quite weird for me.

However, little pinky thingy is good enough.

I love this pink elephant so much, and I just realize that elephant is so cute, especially the pink one.

Thank Shin Yi!! Love you so much!! *kiss**

PS: Tomorrow going to be a very tired day... Good night readers!! *kiss8

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